Drain cleaning and repair

Only use knowledgeable PLUMBING contractors

We clean a lot of drain pipe. The type of drain cleaning machine is critical in solving the problem with the type of clog. Roots require a cable to clear the drain but the problem will always come back until the pipe is repaired. A Jetter type drain machine will clean the interior of the pipe in as much as a brushless carwash will clean a car. The dirt will come off but the rust or anything that is a part of the pipe will stay.

In one picture you can see a ring of roots that had grown in place of the wax ring. Another picture shows how thick the roots can get in the drain and another picture shows how long the roots can get.

Roots enter the pipe in a small crack or opening and flare out when they get inside the drain.

Cameras are sometimes necessary to see what is going on inside the drain. This camera picture shows the cable alongside the camera in order to snag an object that was difficult to get out without careful movements with the cable. A visual on a drain machine head.

Another picture shows a tub drain line wrapped around a toilet flange. This pipe was corroded and collapsed. Finding the right place and minimal invasive construction to solve the problem takes a skilled plumber.

One before and after picture with the pipe for the toilet below the floor and another with the flange after it, was corrected. This is an example of bad plumbing. Because you cannot see how well the seal is on a toilet install, it is important that you have a knowledgeable plumber install it. The damage we see from improper toilet installations is greater than any other plumbing product. When you discover that the toilet is not installed proper, damage has been done and usually a great deal of it.